5 Undeniable Selfies You Just Had To Post

Don’t you dare deny the fact that you’ve taken at least a good portion of these selfies and used similar captioning’s to justify your slight narcissism for posting them. We all do it, so why not embrace it and admit that you’re just another basic biotch like the rest of society?

1. New Hair:

Whether it’s a fresh cut, blowout, dye or even a trim, you just have to take a picture the second you leave the salon. Primarily because they styled it to perfection and you know for damn sure that you’ll never be able to make it look as good again.

You want to remember how attractive you felt at the moment and make sure you alert all of your followers that you did indeed, change your hair in some way shape or form. The majority of the time, no one will even be able to see the difference but that doesn’t matter, you do so flaunt it and post away.

2. Starbucks:

For some reason, you think you’re the only one that goes to Starbucks and want to make sure people know you can afford their ridiculously overpriced lattes. Not to mention you purposely face the cup where it’s showing your name to either remind people of it or make fun of the misspelling while seductively trying to sip out of it.

Either way, you feel like there is a mandatory photoshoot every time you get a drink, so basically every day. No judgments here, selfie and Starbucks a day doesn’t sound too shabby.

3. Night Out:

You’ve finally mustered up all of your strength to do your hair and makeup for once so why not take a couple… or thousands of similar looking selfies. It’s a nice reminder to have these photos on the back burner in case you want to post new profile pictures or for your dating apps.

Just because you don’t necessarily look all dolled up all the time doesn’t mean you can’t look that good on the daily if you actually tried.

4. Birthday:

It’s your freaking day of birth, and you’re entitled to take and post a million and one pictures to bomb all over social media. Your hair, makeup, and the outfit is probably the only part of you that will have it all together at some point during that day so make sure you capture it in all of its essences before you turn into a drunken mess.

5. “Just Because”:

Admit it, you woke and got yourself all dolled up for no apparent reason and instead of making actual plans you click on the camera app and did a personal photo shoot. There’s nothing wrong with that because you can take as many pictures of yourself as you damn well, please.

Let’s be honest; you’re not getting any younger so embrace your youth and attractiveness while you still can and keep snapping away.

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