3 Ways Selfies Ruin Your Dating Profile

We get it; you know how to take a good selfie because you’ve mastered the lighting, angle, pose and filter that makes you look like the dime you wish you looked like on the daily. There’s nothing wrong with enhancing your features and displaying it, especially on a site that’s primarily based on attractive swiping.

That doesn’t mean that your five options of pictures should be the same selfie but different day, and the only thing different is the top you’re wearing. Get a little more creative and try to capture you as a whole instead of various filtered close ups.

1. Narcissistic:
This may come to a surprise to you, but if every single one of your pictures entails a selfie, to which you take it of yourself every time, then you need some friends. Obviously, your profile should be filled with pictures of you but if you don’t have someone in your life that will occasionally snap a picture of you before a night out or during then it looks like you’re cooped up all day taking pictures of yourself.

It’s good to have confidence in your looks and photographing abilities but switch up the pictures, so it looks like you do indeed go a day without taking an almost identical picture of yourself.

2.Lack of Life:

If you only have selfies and no action shots you may come off a little annoying and self-absorbed. Your bio shouldn’t read, “world traveler” with absolutely no pictures if you outdoors or traveling in any sense.

It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a close up or an amazing picture, but you should show what you enjoy doing even if that means prefer to be a homebody and bake all day. Make sure to include pictures of you doing what you love because that’s really how someone will be able to judge if you have anything in common besides physical attraction.

3. Insecurities:

The majority of selfies are taken up close and personal unless you’re the type to take the mirror pics. More than likely if all of your pictures are taken from the neck and up, like headshots or severely angled down, chances are you’re trying to make yourself look the most flattering.

This is how catfish happens, and there is no need to refrain from posting full body pictures and embracing any flaw that you feel would effect someone pursuing you. It is much better to be upfront and open about any imperfections you think you have and I guarantee you, your match will probably not even realize it.

Better to be honest in the beginning than having to back track and explaining yourself in person why you look much more attractive in pictures than in person.

I’m not saying that you aren’t able to post whatever pictures you deem fit for your profile but try to cut it down to no more than two for everyone’s sake.

If you want to learn more about selfies, check out the video below!