5 Reasons to Lower Your Standards

More common than not, you hear people saying something along the lines of, “never lower your standards; have respect for yourself.” Well, here I am, telling you to lower your standards and even providing five great reasons on why you should.
Now if you’re looking for a significant other, a partner, a lover, whatever you care to call them, then this article is not for you and I advise you NOT to lower your standards; but if you’re merely looking for a fun night and no commitment the morning after, then I advise you to read on.
You see, lowering your standards isn’t disrespectful towards yourself—it’s enlightening. A whole new world of possibilities can open up and your nights will end up being far more exciting.
Read on to discover five reasons why you should lower your standards.

More Fun
Upon lowering your standards, you are going to have more fun. I guarantee it. You’ll be willing to try new things you once thought you were too good for or cared what others may think.
You may drink more, or not; you may go out more, or not; but you certainly are going to get laid more. And isn’t that what this is all about?

See More Action
It’s a no brainer and usually why most people lower their standards in the first place: you are going to see much more action. That flashy smile or hair whip you’re used to using on people out of your league will do wonders on those you now see eye to eye with.
That other person you always see out who gives you the “sexy eyes” from across the bar and you once thought you were too good for? Go for it; you will make their night and I guarantee they’ll work their ass off to make yours.

Better Lay
Half of the time, lowering one’s standards usually means settling for people of lesser physical attractiveness. I mean, that is how people are generally judged; sad, but very, very true.
So sleeping with someone noticeably less attractive usually goes way, and it’s hopefully that the less attractive person gives the performance of a lifetime and goes above and beyond to make sure you know you made the right decision by sleeping with them.

You’re Not That Great
Everyone tends to think of themselves in a more positive light than the one they truly cast. You’re really not that great, and neither am I.
The sooner you step off your high horse and give those people a chance that you once glanced over, the sooner you’ll realize your standards where messed up in the first place.

Need to Get Laid
We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re on a dry spell, recently went through a breakup or had a stressful week at school/work, either way, everyone just needs to get laid every once in a while.
If all you seek is fun in bed, then lowering your standards couldn’t help more! Maybe it’s a one-time thing to get yourself out of a funk, but I suggest you keep rolling with it if you find success.
Lowering your standards doesn’t disrespect yourself, it’s merely respecting your needs and desires.

Check out the video below if you want to learn more about lowering your standards.